These coaches and staff would each tell you that Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened in their lives and soccer is somewhere else down the line.
Goatee Surfing Grover Beach
Goatee: Mascot of the year!

From home-town hero, to national celebrity, and now... and international phenominon. Goatee has been awarded M.I.G. (Most Interesting Goat) of the Year! Sharks have a week dedicated to her.  Sheep have been known to count her to go asleep. She always wonders why the other side is less green than hers.  Her birh certificate reads..."one in a million".  In the running of the bulls, she walks.  She once saved an entire litter of baby pandas from freezing, with her goattee.  She was once bitten by the most poisonous snake in the world and after 24 hours of excruciating pain........the snake finally died.  Her organ donor card also includes her goattee.

She's been making headlines on msnbc.com, The Weather Channel, and in the UK on The Huffington Post. Check out the living mascots while you can!

    "A surfing goat is the latest internet sensation after the cheekily-named ‘Goatee’ took to waves on Grover beach in California.

    Swimmers thought that surfers were kidding around when they put the silly billy on a board. But the feisty animal took the challenge by the horns and milked the experience for all it was worth.

    Originally Goatee had been brought to get rid of weeds in her owners' garden. Her owner Dayna Mcgregor said: "She did pretty well, she got up on a couple of waves. I say got up - we put her on a couple of waves...."

    - The Huffington Post

Flo Kaka: Mascot of the Year (2009-2010)
This person was born for this! No one could or should or would want to do it better than this person. When he sings, birds stop and listen admiringly.  If  Kaka was to have teeth, they would all be wisdom teeth.   He is the main reason the bulls are still running in Spain.
Dana (Dayna) Joseph McGregor:
Camp Name:  Sunny D, Goat Whisperer
Profession:  Goat Herder/Personal Soccer Trainer/Wedding DJ
Playing Career: Ex Pro Soccer player/US Futsal National Team 2007
Flo title:  Story Writer/Prime Minister/Flo Camp Interesting Director

Prime Minister of Flo Ministries. He has represented his country twice playing the Brazilian National Futsal team getting pummelled on both occasions…He is known as “Sunny D”  or “The Most Interesting Camp Director in the World”…He Lives vicariously through himself...and his goats. His chest hair alone has been known to grow 10x faster then the average man. He started playing soccer in the womb, then when he came out he played a couple years pro before starting Flo Soccer Ministries.

Adam John William Moffat:
Camp Name:  William Wallace
Profession: Professional Soccer Player: Houston Dynamo’s
Playing Career: 4 years of Major League Soccer
Flo Title:  Production Supervisor and Co-Director

Started off his playing career in the movie, "Braveheart", and is now playing with the Houston Dynamo in the MLS and is currently fighting for a position on the Flo National Team.  Has been a great asset to Flo Ministries and has just been offered a 10 year underwear contract with Flo, very similar to David Beckham’s.   He won a World Championship with the Columbus crew in 2009 and married Steve’s sister…it’s a long story.  He had a full beard at age 9!

Brian Irvine:
Camp Name:  Nessy, or Big Bry
Profession:  Coach/Mentor to the youth in Scotland
Playing Career:  Scotish National Team/ Professional Soccer 21 years
Flo Title:  Legend!!!

He is a legend of the game. This year at Flo Camp there was a day dedicated just to him.  This William Wallace of a man has played 21 years as a professional soccer player in Scotland and played in over a 1000 professional games in total, 9 Scotland National Team appearances, and if that was not enough, he scored the game winning penalty in 1990 to win the Scottish Cup Final in front of 70,000 fans (click here to see footage)... But what astonishes me is, still to this day, his greatest achievement has been during the coaches vs kids match in our Flo 2011 Freestyle Camp, scoring the game winner (click here to see the moment). The Loch Ness Monstor thinks he is a myth. And when he goes to muesums he is allowed to touch things.  A moment of silence is mandated whenever he leaves a crowded room!

Crosby Moreton:
Camp Name:  Rabbi
Profession:  Master in Theology
Playing Career:  Semi-Pro “Roadruners”, College Soccer
Flo Title:  Flo Forerunner/Executive Producer

Another member of Flo’s National Team, Crosby speaks French, in 3 different languages, and people have been known to hang on his every word.  It has been said that his word is worth a thousand pictures.  And, if he were to read the phone book to you, you would be on the edge of your seat.   He is one of those soccer players that started in the womb and came out shooting.  When he shoots he scores....and it does not matter whose goal he is shooting at.  

Danny Hill:
Camp Name:  Sparky
Profession:  Engineer
Playing Career:  Cal Poly Soccer Team, Roadrunners/Semi-Pro Player/Flo National Flo Title:  FLO Engineer Coordinator

He is more known as Sparky by his teammates and friends, and has been a member of Flo’s National Team for several years.  His subtle skill can humble the proudest of players and let’s just say he has taught old dogs a variety of "new tricks”.  He has mastered Flo camps' soccer aerobics for years.   He was inducted into Flo’s Hall of Fame... during halftime of his first game.  Other random interesting facts about Sparky is that he drove to Hawaii twice and won the Tour de France, on a stationary bike.

Deandre Douglas:
Camp Name:  D-da Dad
Proffesion:  Fresno Firefighter/Dad of 2
Playing Career:  Fresno City College/Flo National Team
Flo Title:  Song Writer/Producer/ Rap Artist Extraordinaire

Deandre made it to the top 10 with his song, "Flo Fosho" and the latest track “What a trip” rested at number 1 for a solid 2 minutes.   His physique will motivate you to get in the gym and when asked what he would like to share with you all he said “The lord gave me two ears and one mouth so shut up and listen and you will become a genius, talk too much and you end up rapping for Flo Ministries”.  The interesting thing about D is that he is able to get online where ever he is at....with no internet connection.  As a fireman he has never had to shave his beard!  And D-Da Dad’s firstborn son was born with a full beard!

Camp Name:  Habibi! (Arabic for “My Love!”)
Proffesion:  FLO Website Designer: Full time
Playing Career:  Flo National Team Goal Keeper
Flo Title:  CHO “Chief Habibi Officer”

Habibi is one of a kind. His sense of humor has been known to stir laughter in countries he has never been.  He is the life of parties he’s never attended.   He speaks Arabic, in his own language and he has been known to cure leprosy  just by walking into the room.  Habibi is the creator, if you will, of all of our T-shirts designs and website.    He is a master of his trade and technology has often asked him, “How do I do this?"  He is Palestinian, occasionally, and he bowl’s......overhand.   The other week he led a horse to water, and made it drink.

James Stephen Poole:
Camp Name:  Flo Masta/DJ Revival or the most interesting DJ in the World
Profession:  Started a global buisness called Prestige World Wide.
Playing Career:  College Soccer/International Futsal Champion
Flo Title: Editor/Co-Producer

What I find most interesting about this man is that everytime we go for a swim, dolphins appear!  He has won thousands of awards, but he treasures the award of "Flo Coach and Mascot of the Year in 2009" the most!  He told me that he once had an awkward moment just to see how it felt and recentl,y His mom got a tatoo of him... it says..... “Son”.  If he were to turn into a superhero, he would look exactly the same.

Jonah Long:
Camp Name:  Prodigal Coach
Profession:  Works with Fellowship Christian Athletes
Playing Career: Years of Pro Soccer for the Charlotte Eagles/Flo National Team
Flo Title:  Regional Supervisor

This man bleeds soccer and has been compared to Davy Crockett or modern day Chuck Liddell.  He has a problem with listening to referees but other then that he has been very helpful to flo Ministries. Currently a member of Flo’s National team but might be getting cut from the squad because we have not seen him at camp the last couple years.

Josh Colegrove:
Flo Title:  Videographer/Film Producer=Genius

Josh is not only our Videographer/ Film Producer Extraordinaire; He was also ranked top videographer of Flo Soccer Ministry for 4 years straight.  He has been flawless since he has stepped on the field for flo.  His footage has been viewed around the globe and in your living room and people have been known not to blink an eye when watching Josh’s films.  His videos of Flo have over 15 hits...each.

Jun Marques Davidson:
Camp Name:  Bruce Lee
Proffesion:  : MLS, Vancouver Whitecaps, BC
Playing Career:  J-League, MLS, Flo National Team
Flo Title:  Stunt Coordinator

Jun is phenominal soccer player that has an amazing sense of humor and loves people!! His favorite Celebration when he scores is a double Cartwheel or a Crotch-Face back-handspring! One of Jun's amazing attributes is that he can protect himself from a vicious attack of people while eating sushi at the same time!!! Jun Marques Davidson AKA "Bruce Lee", starred in one of the greatest movies of all time "Enter the Dragon". There is no end to this man's talents!!! Jun can also speak Japanese in 7 different languages.......Quite Impressive Jun!!!

Matt Haniger:
Camp Name:  Sir Hop-A-Lot
Profession:  Professional Musician
Playing Career:  Flo National Team
Flo Title:  Post Production Supervisor

Known for his hops also nicknamed Sir Hop-A-Lot.  Matt has been a member of Flo’s National Team for 4 years and has served in many capacities during camps. He has helped Flo since it’s inception.  Matt has absolutely no soccer experience but has been honored by all his peers with the award of "Male Athlete of the Year" for Flo camp for the last 7 years.  We started doing flo camps in 2009...do the math....quite impressive..He was born to jump and when he jumps for joy he get’s it every time.

Mike Back Paine:
Camp Name:  AKA “Back Paine”- Stinky Cheese,
Proffesion:  Landscape Arcitect/Nurse
Playing Career:  Condors Soccer Club/ Flo National Team
Flo Title:  Groundskeeper/Coach/Flo Medic

Mike has been playing since his youth starting off his career for local team Condors Soccer Club and finishing his career with us at Flo.  He has been on FLO’s National Team for several years and not only is Mike a great player but was voted the "Most Valuable Coach and Grounds-keeper" for 2011’s freestyle camp.  Speaking of groundskeeping...if a tree fell in the woods while he was around, it would be highly recommended for it NOT to make a sound.  He once made a weeping willow laugh.  If at first Mike didn't succeed, then he has yet to try it or it is impossible.

Ryan Valliere:
Camp Name:  Flying-V
Profession:  Youth Pastor, Mountain Brook Church-San Luis Obispo
Playing Career:  College Ball and Semi-Pro Roadrunnders/Flo National Team
Flo Title:  Project Manager/Chaplain

Fly’n-V rises to any competition and he is the Chaplain for Flo ministries as well as a phenomenal coach.  He was offered an amazing coaching contract for flo and could not refuse it.  Most valuable coach for the 2010 Flo Camp for 3 years.  Ryan’s Parents were acutally named after him!  And as a child, when asked by a teacher, “Ryan what would you like to be when you grow up?"  He answered, “Myself”.... Since we have had flo camp he has always seemed to be on time....yet somehow he arrives fashionably late.

Steven Jim Lenhart aka Lion Heart: 
Camp Name: Steve-O
Profession: Professional Lover
Playing Career: Flo National Team
Flo Title:  Flo Model/ Flo Entrepreneur

The most interesting player that ever played Major League Soccer. It has been said that his reputation is expanding faster then the the universe!!!  When he is not scoring for his pro team, he is sitting the bench for Flo’s National Team.  His hobies include crocheting, motor biking down to Baja, Mexico, or visiting his friends in Zambia who build bikes and give them to the poor.  He is a lover on the field and not a fighter, but he’s also a fighter, so don’t get any idea’s. He’s living the dream loving Jesus and playing Pro Soccer.  Still working out why his sister married Adam Moffat…..

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"Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. Flow is completely focused motivation. It is a single-minded immersion and represents perhaps the ultimate in harnessing the emotions in the service of performing and learning. In flow, the emotions are not just contained and channeled, but positive, energized, and aligned with the task at hand. The hallmark of flow is a feeling of spontaneous joy, even rapture, while performing a task, although flow is also described as a deep focus on nothing but the activity not even oneself or one's emotions." We know this because we looked it up on WIKIPEDIA.

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